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We are always looking for collections of interesting books in good condition. For more information read our Book Buying Policy, or call us at 937-376-3522.



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Selling Books at Blue Jacket Books


[We are currently not buying books. We can make suggestions as to other book-sellers who may be buying.]

Thanks so much for thinking of offering your books to us. Most of the time we'll be offering in-store credit, but sometimes we'll make exceptions and actually buy the danged things. You can drop your books off any time we’re open, and we'll get to 'em in a day or so. We will call you with an offer after we have gone through them. If you do not want to leave your books with us, we recommend that you call ahead.

Please pack your books in boxes that can be lifted by an average adult, or in sturdy bags; do please avoid use of paper sacks, tubs, and the like.

If you have an entire library or large collection, please call us at 937-376-3522 and we may be able to arrange to review them at your location or suggest someone else who might be able to do so.


The very best way to see what kind of books we might want is to visit our store and look around. If you see books similar to yours in subject matter and condition, then we might be interested. If you see nothing like what you have, then unless what you have is unique, it's probably not something we buy.

We buy or trade hardcover and paperback books in the following categories: literature (primarily literary fiction and classics), mysteries, science fiction (paperback only), westerns, children's books, cookbooks, history, philosophy, political science, sociology, anthropology, psychology, religion, science, music, art, gardening, crafts, nature, transportation, travel/adventure/exploration (narratives, not guidebooks), and sports.

Because they do not sell in the store, we are not likely to take business, self-help, health, medicine or computer-related books unless they were published quite recently. We do not buy romance books, comic books, Reader's Digest Condensed books, or the like.

We only accept books in Very Good or better condition. This means that they should not be dirty, torn, creased, stained, water-damaged, or underlined, and they should not have loose pages or detached covers. A name written inside the book is okay. In other words, we don't want to accept a book that you yourself would not buy.

We generally do not accept former library books. The only exceptions are some scholarly books (university press) and books that are otherwise hard to find.

We do not buy or trade textbooks, encyclopedias, or outdated materials such as old computer manuals or travel guides. Unfortunately, they just don't sell!

We do not
buy or trade magazines or comic books. We can make referrals for you, however, of local dealers who do.

Books that come from heavy smokers are very, very difficult to sell.


We will look through all of your books and create two piles—those we can use, and those we can’t. Unfortunately, we can’t accept every book that we see. Subject matter, potential sellability, and our current stock situation all factor in when we decide whether or not to buy a book.

How much an individual book is worth depends on many factors, including content, availability, and condition. We will generally offer you between 20% and 25% of the price we expect to charge for a book, depending on how desirable and/or valuable the book is, and how likely it is to sell, either in-store or on-line.

You will receive more in-store credit than cash. Store credit can be used at any time for any in-store stock (not special orders, not new books) and does not expire.

Thanks again!

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Xenia, Ohio, 45385

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